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Archbishop Cruz tells Alvarez: Don’t play God

Manila, Philippines – Former Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) president and Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz on Thursday advised House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez against playing God taking after the threat to remove those who against the death penalty bill from plum posts in the Duterte-allied supermajority in Congress. Archbishop Cruz also cautioned Alvarez […]

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Solar Philippines

Affordable Solar Power: Solution to Electric Power Supply Problems in Remote Barangays in the Philippines

It can’t be denied that there are still many remote areas all throughout the Philippine archipelago that do have electric supply yet, for instance, some barangays located in mountain areas. It is so sad to think that even with the advancement of technology today, there are still many people who spend dark nights and there […]

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A Good Guide to Retirement Planning

You have been saving up for that dream home you’ve always wanted and that long aspired car you just can’t wait to have but you fail to realize that the most important thing you should be saving up for is your retirement. Perhaps you have never really seriously considered planning your retirement because you feel […]

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