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Vacuum Former

You love your sneakers; you run and play around with it but never second guessed how it was designed or created. Have you ever wondered how the new Nike or Adidas shoe design has been conceptualized and completed? It may just be something you wear but you’d be surprised to learn how many hours of manpower were put in to create the design alone. That’s not counting the hours dedicated to production and marketing.

I remember the time when sneaker designs weren’t as complex or scientific. Today, you can’t sell running shoes or basketball shoes without putting a great deal of research into it. Nike and Adidas (and other leading shoemakers) have teams of scientists that try to come up with the most comfortable sole, shoe walls, cushion, and so on. And then there are engineers and artists that incorporate research results into the most beautiful designs. Every line, curve and contour has a purpose.

And then there’s vacuum forming. You may have guessed it but every shoe design and concept has a prototype before going into production, and here is where vacuum forming takes place. The prototype is tested, reviewed and analyzed to see if it came out as the engineers designed and as the scientists thought it would. Producing a prototype could save Nike and Adidas millions of dollars in producing a shoe that will bomb in the market.

Prototypes are created through a casting process called vacuum forming. This process takes a sheet of plastic and shapes it into the most beautiful Nike or Adidas prototype with all the intricate and sophisticated details. Every single detail – texture, tiny hairs, exhaust holes, curves and so on in the latest shoe model is relevant, which is why it is important for the moulding process to be free of error. This is what vacuum forming promises to deliver.

One of the leading companies that does vacuum forming is Arcola Products Limited. If you think about it, the pair of shoes you’re wearing now is not just a product of Nike or Adidas but also of Arcola. Since these two giant shoemakers are clients of Arcola, you know that what you’re wearing now used to just be a prototype. And without the prototype, no shoe could have gone out of production line. Check the following details for more:

Arcola Products Limited
+44(0)1795 436840
Unit N2, Trinity Trading Estate, Sittingbourne, ME10 2PG, United Kingdom


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