Affordable Solar Power: Solution to Electric Power Supply Problems in Remote Barangays in the Philippines

It can’t be denied that there are still many remote areas all throughout the Philippine archipelago that do have electric supply yet, for instance, some barangays located in mountain areas.

Solar Philippines

It is so sad to think that even with the advancement of technology today, there are still many people who spend dark nights and there are still many students who study and do their assignments at home with just a stick of candle in front of them. Certainly, not all people are given the opportunity to enjoy the perks of high technology or even feel how it would be like having even a single fluorescent lamp that will provide illumination during night time.

The good thing is, unlike during the past years, solar panels are now made affordable even to the poor Filpino people. Before, only wealthy individuals can make use and can afford to buy a solar panel. As the use of solar power and the demand for solar panel increases, there are also more businesses and organizations who are continuously trying their best to produce and supply solar panels at a more reasonable price.

There are now tech stores in the country that offer reasonably priced solar panels that can be used at home. For instance, a 20W polycrystalline solar panel can be purchased in as low as 1,000 pesos. For those who feel like a three-figure price is still quite expensive, they can buy an LED rechargeable solar lamp for a low as 200 pesos. They just have to charge the lamp under direct sunlight during day time and use the lamp to illuminate their home at night. Depending on how you use or care about the lamp, it can last for a year or more. With this, students need not suffer studying in dim light.

Those that do not have electric supply can also enjoy some electronic gadgets that are being used by other people in the central area. Like people living in the city, they can also enjoy listening to music or to their favorite radio drama through the different kinds of solar powered and battery powered radio. They can as well own a cell phone without having to worry about spending much when charging the battery at the cellphone shop because solar power bank is now available which they can purchase for as low as 300 pesos.

These affordable solar powered electronic gadgets give people living in remote barangays the opportunity to enjoy bright nights. They do not need to worry about paying monthly bills in using these things. They will just need to spend small amount when purchasing the gadgets and they can enjoy them as much as they can.

The good thing about solar energy is that it is free. For as long as the sun is up and your solar powered electronics are in good condition, you can have a continuous free supply of electricity. Solar power does not generally require you yo buy ongoing and highly expensive raw materials like coal or oil.

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