Today’s featured business is about printing and making gifts AWESOME.

It’s been a while since we last worked with a company that was this young and fun. Amazing what a little youth and new-gen mindset will do.

JollyPrints was born in 2014. From a simple need came a wonderful business idea that is taking the nation by storm. It’s showing up everywhere now. I’m even a fan on Facebook!

The custom printing company, JollyPrints, targets businesses that are looking for corporate gifts as well as schools that need custom merchandise. They have done awesome with events, heck, they even do it for family reunions.

I went out of my way to try it out before contacting them to feature them here.

I ordered a set of hoodies for my team over here at CBD. IT WAS AMAZING. Never thought I would actually wear a hoodie. Life is really surprising afterall.

I initially ordered through their site, even sent most of my inquiries on Facebook but they handled it with very easily. Even a nagging customer like me!

After a month, I ordered through the phone and got through to their owner. Very easy to deal with. The prices were competitive enough because their quality is great. I’ve never really heard of Gildan before, well, I’m not going to wear anything else from now on because of it.

That’s when I decided that I need to get them on this site.

Jollyprints Philippines

Welcome to CBD JollyPrints! Continue doing great work!

My latest order is for 500 unbrander shirts. It’s almost Christmas and here in the Philippines, it’s the time to give out gifts to people that you do business with and their employees. It costs money but it’s always worth it. Branding and relationship wise.

If you are running a business, a store/shop, then you need to consider that. It’s not a bribe, but more of a way for people to remember you. It’s the season of giving and making moves at this time of the year can set you up for big things in the coming year. Take that advice from someone that has been running an offline shop for a loooong time.

Getting back to the company, they told me that they initially wanted to only sell shirts but they have plans to sell bags, custom tumblers and more!

I told them that I needed premium pens and they told me that they are prepping for that as well. They will even throw in engraving for premium brands which will make a great gift to executives that you and I deal with on a daily basis. It’s just plain useful. I can’t wait.

In the end, they are not the first ones to do this but they are the first ones that took it to the next level, to make it personal. I admire what they are doing. I admire their work ethic, marketing, support and product quality. I look forward to actually meeting them (Mike and everyone) in person, in a future interview. Let’s see!

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