Why Bother Getting Quality Milk Tea Supplies in the Philippines?

A common injunction people make to new businessmen is to actually spend time making sure that their instruments and ingredients are always top-quality.

For example, when one is opening a bubble tea shop in Manila, among the top priorities would be to find and strike up a contract with a reliable milk tea supplies company in the Philippines. The assumption here, of course, is that it makes a difference in the milk tea business if you actually do work with good or high-quality ingredients as opposed to just making do with stock that most serious tea shops would consider merely “passable”. Some might ask if this is true, however: does quality really matter that much, particularly in a business as apparently casual as the bubble tea business? And what possible negative outcomes could be the result of not following this piece of advice, which some people insist is actually a rule?

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Why should you bother getting quality milk tea supplies?


The first reason would be to make a reputation for yourself as a reliable source of good milk tea. Why wouldn’t you want to? :)

Although it is possible to argue that a lot of customers shall not notice differences in quality in most cases, this is not something you can say without proof. Particularly if you are targeting the middle-income bracket with your establishment, you would be surprised how many persons can actually distinguish between bubble teas made from bargain-price ingredients and ones made from good-quality stock. They might not be able to discuss the precise difference in the terms used by experienced taste testers or restaurant critics, but they should still be able to tell what tastes better and in most cases, products made from better ingredients naturally taste better.

Another reason to get quality supplies is to support one of the main draws of milk tea, especially counter the coffee industry. Milk tea first got started as the healthier alternative to a chilled café latte or frappe, so it would render that value pointless if a vendor were to replace its natural ingredients with largely artificial flavourings and substitutes.

Milk tea shops’ main niche is actually that part of the specialty beverage-obsessed market that overlaps with the health-conscious crowd, so it makes sense that only the freshest supplies should be used by a milk tea shop to keep to its claims.

Finally, it pays to get quality supplies for a milk tea shop because it drastically lowers the chances of legal complaints or publicity nightmares arising from operations as a result of a “faulty” product somewhere along the line. Faulty here is supposed to indicate a serious flaw in the product, one that may actually have grave health repercussions for the person consuming it. Such products are the root of company problems like lawsuits on the basis of products being health hazards.

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You could easily lose more than a year’s profits with a grave enough case of this type, so it is best not to flirt with danger and take chances that gamble with your consumers’ health.

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PS. I still love my UK style tea :)

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