kefir grains

Kefir Scholarly Studies

Kefir, also known as kephor, talai, mudu kekiya, kewra, and bulgaros, refers to fermented milk made of the exotic kefir grains. It was said to have come from the Caucasus Mountains. Kefir (from kefir grains) has been a topic of scholarly debate and research for quite some time now. Some argue on its health benefits, […]

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Jollyprints Philippines


Today’s featured business is about printing and making gifts AWESOME. It’s been a while since we last worked with a company that was this young and fun. Amazing what a little youth and new-gen mindset will do. JollyPrints was born in 2014. From a simple need came a wonderful business idea that is taking the […]

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Milk Tea Supplies

Why Bother Getting Quality Milk Tea Supplies in the Philippines?

A common injunction people make to new businessmen is to actually spend time making sure that their instruments and ingredients are always top-quality. For example, when one is opening a bubble tea shop in Manila, among the top priorities would be to find and strike up a contract with a reliable milk tea supplies company […]

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